Wedding, Gaborno Le

Event Type: Wedding
Event Location: Oahu Country Club
Event Staff: Joe

Quality of Customer Service via Telephone: Excellent
Quality of Customer Service via Internet: Excellent
Quality of Customer Service at Event: Excellent
System Appearance: Excellent
Sound Quality: Excellent
Overall Volume Levels: Excellent
Music Selection: Excellent
Incorporation of Your Requests: Excellent
Lighting Effects: Excellent
Equipment Appearance: Excellent
Overall Customer Service: Excellent
Planning Assistance: Excellent
Entertainer's Cooperation with Other Vendors: N/A
Overall Performance Rating: Excellent

Is there anything specific that can be improved upon?
Additional comments or suggestions? The top things that stood out about Joe/CJ Sounds: - responsive: Joe would always call back or respond to emails in a timely fashion. If he was busy, he'd send a quick response to acknowledge that he received my message and would get back to me soon. - really nice voice: I was looking for an MC and a DJ for our wedding, so it was important to find someone with a nice voice. Joe has a solid, deep voice that was perfect. I spoke with another MC/DJ while researching different vendors, but the other MC's voice was too "squeaky". - friendly/personable: I liked Joe's easy-going personality - I was pretty stressed about my wedding, so it was great working with Joe who is pretty calm. - helpful: Joe helped keep the pace of the wedding reception move smoothly. Thanks, Joe!

Would you recommend this service to others? Yes
May your comments be shared with others? Yes
May your name be added to a list of references? Yes

Name: Tracie Gaborno

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